Anti-virus, Security, Updates/Patches, Browsers & Password links

I expect this to be the most used of the links sections and includes links to all the major Anti-Virus scanners and cleaners as well as Browser Security configuration pages for different makes and versions of popular browsers, Password managers and generators and email alerts for new vulnerabilities.

Email alerts for new reported vulnerabilities and manufacturer advisories

Security Alerts from Microsoft - Requires a free Windows Live ID / account

Technet Profile Centre
US CERT - Sign up at bottom of page to recieve email alerts with new threats & advisories US CERT Signup page

Non-Microsoft application scanner and automatic patch updater

Secunia Personal Software Inspector - scans and updates non-microsoft applications Secunia PSI

Anti-Virus, Spyware & Malware Defenders & Scanners (sorted Alphabetically)

These are by no means all the available applications that can either protect against or remove infections and most of these companies provide a free trial version which you can uninstall after the period expires, pay for the full version if you like it or choose another vendor.

Avast! - Link to Free Anti-virus & Malware Protection version as well as paid for suites Avast!
AVG - Link to Free Anti-virus & Malware Protection version as well as their paid for suite AVG
Avira - Link to Free Anti-Virus & Malware Protection for PC, MAC, Android and iOS Avira
BitDefender - Link to Free Anti-Virus & Malware Protection BitDefender
ESET - Link to ESET's Free Online virus scanner ESET Online Scanner
ESET - Link to ESET's paid for Anti-Virus and Security suites ESET Downloads
F-Secure- Link to F-Secure's paid for Anti-Virus and Security suites F-Secure
G Data- Link to G Data's paid for Anti-Virus and Security suites G DATA
Kaspersky Lab - Link to Kaspersky's paid for Anti-Virus and Security suites Kaspersky Lab
McAfee - Link to McAfee's paid for Anti-Virus and Security suite McAfee
MacScan - Anti-Spyware for Mac users MacScan
Malwarebytes - Link to Malwarebytes free Anti-Malware download page Malwarebytes
Microsoft Security Essentials - Link to Microsoft's free Anti-Virus and Security suite Microsoft SE
Norton Internet Security- Link to Norton's paid for Anti-Virus and Securityn suites Norton Internet Security
Sophos Virus Removal - Link to Sophos' Virus fremoval tool download page Sophos
TrendMicro - Link to TrendMicro's paid for Anti-Virus and Security suites TrendMicro
TDSKiller - Link to Kaspersky's Free Rootkit remover TDSKiller
Zonealarm - Link to Zonealarm's free Anti-Virus and Firewall download page Zonealarm

Browser Security

There are many browsers available to so I have listed the 7 I use regularly with the largest user base with links to their site security settings tutorials

Internet Explorer Security settings tutorial page - versions 9-11 using drop down list Internet Explorer
Opera Security settings tutorial page Opera
Google Chrome Security settings tutorial page Chrome
Safari Security settings tutorial - online or downloadable pdf Safari
Mozilla Firefox Security settings tutorial page Firefox
Netscape Site Security settings Netscape
Torch Security settings Torch

Password Security

There are quite a few Password Managers & Generators so I have listed some of the best free ones below

Keepass Open Source Password Manager download page Keepass
Lastpass Secure online encrypted Password storage download page LastPass
My Padlock free password manager download page MyPadlock
KeyWallet encrypted password manager download page KeyWallet
PassPack Free Password manager PassPack
Meldium Password manager (14 day free trial) Meldium
Clipperz Password manager Clipperz
Strong Password Generator online 8 - 100 Characters! StrongPasswordGenerator
Secure Password Generator online PasswordGenerator Password Generator - use Advanced Mode for more secure passwords
Free Password Generator online FreePasswordGenerator
Password Strength Tester - to see how good your password is PasswordMeter