Staying safe on the internet...

If I have to start somewhere then I think the internet (where you are reading this) is probably the main area I get asked about. In my opinion it is the greatest advance in universal knowledge ever made by mankind, and has gone a long way to making our increasingly shrinking planet a more social and equal place. It is also a jungle with positive gems everywhere you look, millions of people you would never have met, unexpected possibilities round every corner - and (unfortunately) wild carnivourous scavengers who hide behind some of this beauty waiting for the unwary to pass by so they can grab a free meal. I have broken this section into three main parts:

  • Securing your connection to the internet
  • Email safety and good practice
  • Browsing safely

Virus, malware and vulnerability protection

All manufacturers provide updates and patches for their applications, or should if it's a reputable company, when a potential or real security problem is found that may allow another person (one of those wild beasts mentioned above) to do nasty stuff to you or your computer. This section is about the best way to stay up to date and how you can ensure you are taking the best possible preventative measures. We have all heard about virus writers that want to take over your computer or internet connection, but there are also people who try to find holes in applications to let them through without being noticed. This section is split into three parts:

  • Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware Software
  • Patches and Updates
  • Passwords and Security

Networking - Basics and Tips

Here I will add the basics of creating and securing your home internet connection, creating a wireless network in your home to share files and content. This section is currently under construction. Due to the varied and various types of networking and securing home networks it may take a little while.

Again I have divided this section into three parts with the Pros & Cons explained in simple terms.

  • How it works - networking at home
  • Wired vs Wireless
  • Public Networks